Once a decision has been made about the type of childcare you’re looking for, contact us at Birth and Beyond Nannies Ltd and we will run through a registration form with you. We work on matching basis, so only candidates that completely match your family’s requirements will be shortlisted for interview. If you’re uncertain about the different types of childcare, we can help you explore what may be the best fit for you and your family.


Stage 1: Understanding your needs

We carefully listen to your requirements, then we assess your family’s needs and the environment in which your nanny will work.

Stage 2: Matching Nannies & Families

This information is matched to our nanny profiles, and appropriate nannies are selected for you to interview. We help set up interviews, offering a variety of interview questions and review the impressions of both family and nannies.

Stage 3: Contract

When a family feels comfortable with a nanny and decides to offer the job, we can help draft a work agreement to make sure no key consideration has been overlooked. Once your Nanny has accepted the offer, you become your Nannies employer.

Stage 4: Follow Up

The final step is follow-up. After placement of our nanny, we contact both you and your nanny to assess the working relationship and to make sure that everyone is happy. We are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Nanny Employment Process