Daily / Residential Nannies

Birth and Beyond Nannies Ltd are professionally qualified and experienced and have the commitment and skills to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your child/ children in your own home.


A Daily (Live out) nanny will care for your children in the family home taking either a sole charge or shared care position.

Sole charge daily Nannies will have at least two years’ experience of caring for children and on average will work a 10 – 12 hour day, Monday to Friday.

As well as caring for the children they will perform ‘Nursery Duties’ which will include:

  • Doing the children's laundry (washing and ironing)

  • Keeping their bedrooms tidy

  • Clearing away the toys at the end of each working day

  • They will prepare and cook healthy nutritious meals for the children

  • They will clear up the kitchen after each meal time


A Residential (Live in) Nanny is expected to work an 11 – 12 hour day, Monday to Friday and will often be happy to agree to one or two nights babysitting to be included in the agreed salary

If you require a live in Nanny, you are expected to provide suitable accommodation for the Nanny and this would need to consist of at least a bedroom and bathroom of their own (sharing a bathroom with the children can be considered).

A Nanny is not a housekeeper therefore, nursery duties aside, is not employed to undertake household chores. However, if you are looking for a Nanny / Housekeeper because your children attend school full time this is an option that can be discussed.