Maternity Nurses

If you need some extra support in those early days / weeks after birth, our maternity nurses are here to help.


Our Maternity Nurse will come to your home or travel abroad and stay 24 hours a day for up to six days a week. She can be booked for as many weeks as you require.

She will develop a 24-hour pattern for your baby focusing on effective feeding and sleeping patterns and ensuring that the new baby settles quickly and easily into your family.

This full support will also mean your nurse will ensure that the mother is well-looked after, getting enough sleep and eating and drinking properly.

A Maternity Nurse will also undertake the baby’s laundry and can help with essential purchases – and advise on the non-essential!

All members of our team have excellent new-born experience. They may be either:

  • paediatric nurses

  • midwives

  • maternity nurses

  • health visitors

  • qualified nannies or nannies with extensive new-born experience.